Why Start Innovonomics?

Strating Innovonomics Inc. was and truly remains a journey of the heart. It is a desire to be able to contribute to a vision of the world that I believe in – a vision in which technology, entrepreneurship and innovation combine in many ways to create a better future for an ever increasing number of people across the world.

I am a firm believer in the power of technology and the innovative spirit to dream, visualize, conceptualize, manifest and implement change.

As a young technologist and technophile, I helped visualize and implement the business transformation of an established media-house, helping push it into the digital age, years ahead of its competitors. As an entrepreneur, I played a role many year back in creating technologies that became the precursor to what we call social media technologies today. As a business executive years later, I led teams that worked with governments across the Middle East and Africa to modernize the education system. As the Regional Director for a global technology firm, I helped governments re-engineer their processes and systems in their drive towards greater efficiency, transparency and effectiveness. As a trusted policy advisor to governments, I helped advocate policies, procedures and standards that would allow them to better leverage technology to modernize economic sectors, enhance competition and encourage business growth. Finally, as a fellow at the Harvard Kennedy School, based on my practical experience in this space across emerging markets, I helped drive thought leadership on how, where and when societies can be rejuvenated with technology, innovation, entrepreneurship and education.

Innovonomics Inc. is the vehicle to take this journey broader, in partnership with partners (govt, civil society and donors) to scale up the impact of this work. Through Innovonomics, the intent is to work with entrepreneurs, foundation leaders, policy-thinkers as well as business executives to create sustainable platforms for innovative change. It is a very exciting, yet somewhat lonely, journey and I hope you will check in occasionally to lend your support, provide encouragement and offer constructive feedback. The work has begun.