We’re helping build a Global

Innovation Economy, Through

We’re helping build a global innovation economy, through consulting, policy-input, programs and ventures. We see science, technology and innovation – digital technologies included – as enablers for new ideas, products and services that can change the world, and work with a broad range of partners to make such change happen.


What we Do




Innovonomics consults organizations, including government agencies, on creating strategies and programs to effectively leverage technology within their economic development and social development work, including education. A detailed list of current and past projects is available upon request.


Policy Input

Innovonomics has regularly been commissioned to provide policy-input into innovation policies, science and technology policies as well as information technology policies at a national and sub-national level.




Innovonomics has provided input into program-design, and has been involved in program execution, on behalf of a number of organizations including private sector entities, development entities, development foundations and non-profit organizations. These programs have been in the area of education, entrepreneurship as well workforce development.



Innovonomics has also taken an active role in nurturing, incubating and supporting a number of ventures (for-profit entities as well as social ventures) that leverage technology to influence socio-economic development in developing countries.


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About Us!

Innovonomics was founded, and is managed by Rizwan Tufail. The impetus for setting up the organization came out of his work as an Edward S. Mason Fellow at the Harvard Kennedy School of Government, where he brought thought-leadership in innovation, technology, entrepreneurship and policy – based on his experience in this domain as the Regional Director for Microsoft for Africa. To read more about the founder, please click here.


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